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A CPA's Report for the Construction Industry

Winter 2019

  • ASC 606 Could Impact Your Financial Statements
  • Status and Strategies
  • Realistic Estimates Are Essential
  • Fighting Fraud
  • Year-End Tax Review


Fall 2018

  • Study Shows Controls Can Reduce Losses
  • Understanding the Basics of the Job Schedule
  • Reducing Losses, Managing Risks
  • Get an Early Start on Your 2018 Income Taxes


Summer 2018

  • Big Changes for Pass-Through Businesses
  • Don't Let Rising Costs Eat Away Profits
  • Some Good-and Some Not So Good-News



Spring 2018

  • An Overview of Provisions Affecting Contractors
  • Good Insurance Is Just the Beginning
  • Changing Accounting Standards Will Have an Impact
  • Tax Reform for Contractors


Winter 2018 


  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • The Changing Face of Construction
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Basics


Fall 2017

  • Subcontractor Prequalification - A Disciplined Approach to Vetting
  • Multistate Tax Requirements - Avoiding Compliance Issues
  • The Changing Jobsite - Seven Tech Trends to Watch
  • Don't Overlook the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Summer 2017

  • Regulatory Compliance - Are Changes in Store at OSHA?
  • R&D Tax Credit - Could Your Contracting Business Qualify?
  • Focus on Safety - OSHA's Top 10 Violations and "Fatal Four" Hazards
  • Watch the Overhead - Even in Good Times

Spring 2017

  • Captive Insurance - Three Recent Developments to Watch
  • New Revenue Recognition Standard - Where Things Stand
  • FASB Lease Accounting Standard - Anticipate Its Effects in Advance
  • New OSHA Electronic Reporting Requirement

Winter 2017

  • Make Energy Efficiency Pay - How Section 179D Deduction Can Benefit Contractors
  • Succession Planning - Cash Flow Needs Will Drive Your Strategy
  • Joint Ventures - Pros, Cons and Best Practices
  • Skilled Labor Shortage? Try Cross Training

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