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Practice Strategies



Practice Strategies

A Newsletter for Healthcare Professionals

Summer 2018

  • What Tax Reform Means for Physicians
  • How to Attract and Retain Millennial Staff
  • Practicing Where the Money Isn't
  • Improving Office Wait Times


Winter 2018

  • Reduce Your Healthcare Benefit Costs
  • How to Guard Your Practice Against Fraud
  • Physician Recruiting Strategies
  • What's the Outlook for Bundled Payments? 


Fall 2017

  • Eight Ways to Reduce Staff Expenses
  • Create a Disaster Plan Before You Need One
  • Tips for Boosting Practice Collections
  • Can Physician Autonomy Survive?


Summer 2017

  • Coordinating Healthcare for Each Patient - Could Your Practice Qualify as a Medical Home?
  • Convenience, Comfort, Reimbursement - Ancillary Services Are Adding Revenue
  • The Latest on ACI - Understanding This Critical MIPS Score Component
  • Which Ancillary Services Could You Offer?

Spring 2017

  • A Competitive Advantage - Should Your Practice Offer Extended Hours?
  • Not for Everyone - Yet - What You Need to Know About AAPMs
  • Early Attention Pays Off - Prevention Is the Key to Reducing Denied Claims
  • Help Physicians Get off the Burnout Track

Winter 2017

  • Medicare Need-to-Know- Understanding the MACRA Final Rule
  • Efficiency in Motion - 5 Steps for Better Practice Workflow
  • MACRA Implementation - Pick Your Pace
  • Are Your Practice Agreements Getting Dusty?

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