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Manufacturing & Distribution

A quarterly publication focused on effective manufacturing and distribution management.

Fall 2018

  • Taking the Fear Out of Your Exit Strategy
  • Are You Prepared for the Worst?
  • How to Fine-Tune Your Team
  • Supreme Court: Online Sales Tax Is a Go


Summer 2018

  • Protecting Your Company's Assets from Fraud
  • How Blockchain Could Change Manufacturing
  • How to Spot and Prevent Fraud



Spring 2018

  • Tax Reform: What's In It for You?
  • Optimizing Operations with IoT
  • Tax Reform Impacts



Winter 2018

  • Revenue Recognition Requires Big Accounting Changes
  • Consider an ESOP as an Exit Plan
  • Consumer Sales? Beware of Tax Implications


Fall 2017

  • How to Implement a Price Increase
  • What's on Your Fraud Prevention Checklist?
  • Take Advantage of Opportunities for the R&D Credit
  • Selling? Consider a Business Broker


 Summer 2017

  • Professional Employer Organizations - The Pros and Cons of Employee Leasing
  • Word to the Wise - How to Manage an IRS Tax Audit
  • Tackling Cybersecurity - Protect Assets to Keep Your Competitive Edge
  • New Lease Accounting Standard Now Final

Spring 2017

  • Looking Ahead - Don't Be Paralyzed by Tax Uncertainty
  • Word to the Wise - How to Build a Deeper Talent Bench
  • Tax Moves to Make ... Despite Uncertainty
  • Restrictions Proposed for Closely Hel Business Transfers

Winter 2017

  • Lean Six Sigma - How to Keep Continuous Improvement on Track
  • Word to the Wise - Scenario Planning Helps Think Through the "What-if's?"
  • State and Local Taxes (SALT) - Five Steps to Managing Exemption Certificates
  • Why and When LIFO Might Make Sense

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